A mass-murder resurrected from the bowels of Hell. The Commander is half-demon, half-human. He is more commonly known as "The Fire King" or "Dragon Master".

He was born in the year "666" and was slain by a extremely powerful warrior known as "Necrondousk" a Shadow-Demon who was launching an attack on his village.

In 669, he was chosen from a group of weaklings to become a dragon-rider. From then to late 696, he was trained in the skills of magic, long-distance shooting (AKA: Sniping), sword-fighting, and warfare.

By the time his village was raided in 669, he was the most powerful warrior in all of the land. When the raid occurred, he witnessed as his best friend, Dou. Chebag, was ambushed, strapped, and had his throat slit by Fuk Yu, a Japanese Samurai.

Alongside his dragon, Areis, he fought valiantly against the forces of Necrondousk. But he was overwhelmed and beheaded.

Throughout history, he has risen at times as a demon, known as "The Fire King" and has massacred civilizations with a merciless violence.

His current traget: darkSpyro.net

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