"What complete idiots said they never played the original?"

spyrobeta is a Classic Spyro user on DarkSpyro forums. Although she hates Skylanders, and anything related to the games, she actually owns a PS3 copy of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Spyrobeta calls some users (who like all Spyro games) 'hypocrites' when they point out her trolling, disruptive behavior on the fans who like Skylanders, but she herself is fully unaware that she is the real hypocrite when she owns a PS3 copy of the very game she hates and excessively berates fans about her hatred on Skylanders, Activision, Toys for Bob, and anything related to them.

Like most Classic Spyro purists who hates Skylanders like their life depended on it, spyrobeta doesn't care if her troll comments break few of the forum rules and continues to do so when given the chance.

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