GanonReborn100, his only friend.

"Ok you were asking why i wanted to be a girl.
Well it is mostley because of my lifestyle.
I Like yaoi, a thing that girls usually like.
I really would like a guys "shaft" inside me, but i never can go through with it. (Most likley because i am a guy)
I put on makeup and i usually dress like a girl inside my house.
And there are a couple of other reasons.
But those are all the ones i can think of."

-Ganon, wishing he was a girl.

1. Cut and remove film cover from potatoes. Mircowave on HIGH, 3 mins

2. Stir potatoes. Mircowave an additional 2.5 to 3 min.

3. Let stand 2 mintues. CAREFULLY remove as PRODUCT WILL BE HOT

4. Check that the product is cooked thoroughly



He is a polygamist bisexual that wishes he was a girl.

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