Aint it romantic?

This member is a lover, not a fighter. And is the lover of Cynder21.

Visit the list of lovers. And feel the love.

Vital statistics
Username Fireblader70
Gender Male
User ID 2312
Join date 25/11/2008
Status Green Sparx
Times Gnorked ???
Clan ???

Info on the Best RAPER on this whole damn Website[edit | edit source]

Hobbies[edit | edit source]

Well, this is the section where you learn about Fireblader70's bad hobbies. Unfortunately, he does not want to disclose that information to the public because he is a raper and he doesn't want to tell you what he does. So yeah!

Personality[edit | edit source]

Funny, crazy sometimes, cool and just a plain rape-artist. Yay!

Current Events that have Happened[edit | edit source]

He is in a sexual relationship with... someone... (look at the amazingly long 'Mighty List of DarkSpyro Couples (hahahahaha, sorry, not anymore)) and has an explanation for anyone wishing to know how to have sex: "Just keep sliding in and out man! ;3"


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