One of Bolt's favourite shows. :3

Yo, I am Bolt, duh, but feel free to call me whatever you want — within reason. Meh, I dun care what you call me as long as I know you are talking to me. ^^

I can get a bit snappy at times, like when I am not in the mood or anything, but other than that I am alright I guess. I myself know that others would think otherwise, but if they say that then they don't know what they are talking about because they wouldn't know me. I love all my friends, but if you do wrong to my friends or me, I will never forget you, even if you were my friend. I'd never betray or turn on a friend unless they have done something really bad to me or my other friends, I am not the kind of person to just back-stab a friend. Sometimes though, I may not get a joke and take it offensively so maybe you shouldn't say any insulting jokes around me just in case I don't understand. Though I guess I am known for my attitude and I do get angry at times. I try not to, it is something that I am working on, so yeeeaaaah. But I don't usually get angry with my friends online, usually only just in real life.

Likes [edit | edit source]

All sorts of animals and nature, the country, books, drawing, the night, shiny/glowy things, winter, ice, electricity, fantasy things, 3D glasses, being silly and doing fun stuff with my friends. Most of all, I love having freedom and the ability to do what I want, though at the moment I don't think I have much.

Dislikes [edit | edit source]

Places with no life and lots of pollution *coughthecitycough*, summer, the heat, my brother and sister, people being mean to each other whether they are being racist, sexist, or just having a plain 'ol argument for no reason what so ever. Being restricted to things... And people joking about me when I am obviously in an angry mood.

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