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An artists approximation of 16Number7.

A man who rolled in to DarkSpyro in on a giant white horse, arriving at the forums only to be banned a few hours later.

While present at the community he performed such feats as showing the world his kung-fu prowess by karate chopping Greenlantern511 so hard, that he forgot what was insulting him and what was not, and posting the entire plot to batman begins without anyone realizing it.

Though banned in a single day, because Dark52 is a world renowned asswipe, he will forever be remembered for kicking more ass in one day than most of the community did in their entire run on the site.

Surgeon General's Warning: Ladies, it's understandable if you cum while seeing the name 16Number7, and this is totally natural, there is no reason to see your doctor.

Men: This is less common, but understandable, however know this, 16Number7 don't get wit no homo.